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Domestic Violence Disclosure in Divorce

November 11, 2015 Posted in Annulments, Divorce, Michael P. Granata

People magazine recently ran a story about a celebrity divorce that happened 24 years ago in which rumors and questions of domestic violence during the divorce came up. The full story can be read...

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October 29, 2015 Posted in Divorce, Michael P. Granata

So clients frustrate me. They frustrate me pretty often in fact. My frustration usually stems from client conversations that typically start with clients asking a very simple question and expecting a...

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November 2015 – Notable Results Update

October 13, 2015 Posted in Michael P. Granata

October 12th: Mr. Granata successfully secured above guideline child support award against an obligor who was attempting to retire at 49 years of age and claim reduced wages.

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November 2014 – Notable Results Update

November 15, 2014 Posted in Michael P. Granata

November 13th: Mr. Granata successfully obtained a modification to a residency restriction allowing his client to move so as to allow her to obtain her MBA by showing that the move (and the degree)...

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Notable Results Update

March 11, 2011 Posted in Michael P. Granata

February 25, 2011: Mr. Granata sucessfully negotiated over $100,000.00 in retirement funds being awarded to his client which represented approximately 90% of the community property.

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Results Oriented Lawyering by Mr. Granata

December 16, 2010 Posted in Michael P. Granata

November 1st 2010: Mr. Granata successfully stopped two Child Support Witholding Orders that were witholding money on the same child under two different case numbers.

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