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It’s hard to define a typical family law or divorce client because the range of needs each and every client presents is never identical. The Law Office of Michael P. Granata has represented the entire spectrum of divorces: from the nominal property case that has little or no disagreement between the spouses and so is resolved very quickly and amicably to the very contested high value property case with each side having multiple, retained testifying financial experts to testify about the location, characterization, and value of marital property. Similarly, custody cases follow a similar pattern: from the simple expedient child support review case to the multi-day, multi-witness, multi-child custody expert.

Sometimes a prospective client will call and only need a consultation to discuss a particular family law issue. As family and divorce lawyers we actively strive to provide open, frank and honest communication between the firm and the client. We take the time to not only listen, learn and gather evidence about each client we also take the time to explain, evaluate and then act on any recommendations made to the client.

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