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Texas Paternity -- Proving the Father through DNA Testing

Paternity reveals the identity of the biological father of a child or children.  A “paternity lawsuit” is filed to determine who the biological parent is and to establish a legal parent-child relationship with the tested parent.   These lawsuits are usually filed when a child has been born out of wedlock, or when the husband in a marriage may not be the biological father of his wife’s child (husbands are presumed to be the fathers of all children born during the marriage).

If paternity is contested, the court will order a genetic test to be done. This “paternity test” is the means by which the DNA of the child is compared to that of the alleged father to see if there are similar DNA markings. 

Who files a Paternity Suit?

A paternity suit can be filed by the mother; the man claiming to be the child’s father; the man legally presumed to be the child’s father; or the child (through a representative if they are underage).  Sometimes, a government agency such as the Texas Attorney General’s office will seek to establish paternity.  These suits can be filed from the date of birth to the age of 20 years old.

Why file a Paternity Suit?

Parentage carries with it certain legal duties and parental rights – such as child support as well as child custody and visitation.  Proving the child’s parentage establishes who is responsible for these duties. 

If you believe that your parentage or that of your child’s is an issue, then please feel free to contact the Law Office of Michael Granada for a paid, initial legal consultation on paternity suits. We’re here to help you.

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