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Unfortunately for some of us the joy of marriage doesn't last forever, or future plans don't pan out as hoped and living together becomes intolerable.

When compatibility no longer exists and differences cannot be reconciled, the strain on one's personal life can and often is severe. This is especially true when children are involved.

When You Decide that Divorce is the Answer, You Need a Texas Family Lawyer

Divorce is not always the solution, and the decision to end a marriage should be carefully considered.  Divorce is a life-altering event for everyone involved.

When you have determined to divorce, then choosing the correct divorce attorney to navigate and litigate you through your divorce can't be overemphasized or understated.

Cooperative Divorce Arrangements vs. Contested Proceedings

Sometimes the decision to part is joint and mutual and a cooperative divorce arrangement is desired. Here, the divorce lawyer works with couples who are interested in dissolving their union with as little fighting as possible. 

Other times a stronger and more aggressive approach is necessary for especially difficult spouses.  Lawsuits may be needed, with court hearings and judges hearing evidence and testimony, before a divorce can be successfully achieved. 

A Texas Family Lawyer at The Law Office of Michael Granada Is Ready to Help You

Whatever your situation, however difficult your spouse may be, my office handles all types of divorce and child custody, which is generally considered by most lawyers to fall under the broad category of Family Law.

Thus we offer legal services in the following areas:

Please don’t hesitate to call or email for a paid initial legal consultation if you are considering a divorce, or have been served with divorce papers.  The Law Office of Michael Granada is ready to help you!

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