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The Law Office of Michael P. Granata was established in 1999. From inception we have striven to provide the highest caliber legal representation in matrimonial and family law possible. No case is ever the same and each case is handled and analyzed individually by a family attorney, not a paralegal, to maximize the recovery for each client. We have successfully mediated and litigated hundreds of family law cases. We pride ourselves on demonstrating outstanding commitment to issues of each case, whether it be – high value property divorce, valuing closely held family business, contested custody, vigorous impeachment and cross examination of court appointed custody experts who make recommendations adverse to our client, aggressive and thorough review of all child support, and excluding mental health professionals seemingly frequently increasing conflicting roles in family and divorce courts.

The vast majority of family and divorce cases require a much more evenhanded approach. We also strive to amicably, efficiently and quickly resolve client’s family law matters outside of court. A client is usually the most satisfied when very favorable results can be obtained without ever stepping foot into a Courtroom. Ultimately this leads to less emotional wear and tear for the client and inevitably prevents exposure of the children to harmful parental conflict related to custody litigation. 

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