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Under Texas law, you may change your name as part of a divorce proceeding or an annulment.  However, the name change must be to a prior used name if the change is to occur as part of the divorce/annulment proceeding.   (Otherwise, you must file a separate lawsuit and provide evidence that the purpose of the name change is not to defraud creditors, avoid criminal action, etc.) 

The judge cannot deny a change of name just to keep the last names of all family members the same.   Children cannot have their names changed as part of the divorce petition, but must have a separate petition filed with the court making the name change request that meets the requirements of Texas Family Code 45.002.

Once your name has been changed in a divorce process, a “Change of Name Certificate” can be issued by the court clerk for a nominal fee.  This certificate is a one-page document that is considered legal proof of the name change, and it itemizes:

  1. the name of the person before the change of name was ordered;
  2. the name to which the person's name was changed by the court;
  3. the date on which the name change was made;
  4. the person's social security number and driver's license number, if any;
  5. the name of the court in which the name change was ordered;  and
  6. the signature of the clerk of the court that issued the certificate.

This certificate is then used to legally change government documents (driver’s licenses, etc.) as well as bank accounts and payroll records, etc. with the new name. 

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