Getting a Collaborative Divorce in Dallas

October 30, 2020 Posted in Divorce

If you’re considering getting a divorce in Dallas and want to keep the process as amicable as possible, you may be interested in pursuing a collaborative divorce. A collaborative divorce requires the counsel of a specially trained Dallas divorce attorney with experience handling these types of marriage dissolution proceedings. Collaborative divorces generally use a method called ‘interest-based negotiation’ that allows spouses to design agreements that meet both their individual goals and their goals as a soon-to-be ex-couple. 

For those couples who wish to stay friendly and get their divorce over with quickly, a collaborative divorce is a sound solution. Below, we outline some of the most important benefits of a collaborative divorce.

Collaborative Divorces are Totally Confidential

While most divorce proceedings take place in the courtroom, collaborative divorces are typically handled within an office setting and allow the couple to discuss their wishes in a private and intimate environment. The goal of a collaborative divorce is to arrive at an agreement in a respectful, emotionally safe space so that each party can feel free to express their concerns and work toward getting what they want out of a settlement. Generally, each party will have time to confer with their attorney before the process shifts into this setting.

Collaborative Divorce Focuses on the Family

Collaborative divorce is especially attractive for families eager to negotiate and resolve their conflicts in a manner that doesn’t destroy their children emotionally and psychologically. The act of avoiding court has incredible benefits for children who are already struggling to accept that their parents will no longer be living in the same household.

Working out your issues through a collaborative divorce allows the family to plan for ongoing child care and custody, outlining all of the possible expenses associated with keeping your children’s lives as uninterrupted as possible. When spouses are coming to the table from a place of mutual respect - such as what’s generally seen in collaborative divorce - then the process is far easier to manage.

Collaborative Divorces are Highly Customizable

Rather than handing control over to a judge who will make decisions for you, you and your Dallas divorce attorney will create a customized set of solutions for your family and your assets moving forward as former spouses and co-parents. The ability to be creative and customize a plan that works for you is why so many Texas couples are increasingly turning to a collaborative divorce.

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