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Further Results Oriented Lawyering by Mr. Granata

February 17, 2011 Posted in News

December 13th 2010: successfully mediated primary possession for client. January 6th 2011: successfully defended opposing party’s Motion requesting to cover the health insurance of the parties’...

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Continued Pattern of Successful Results

October 28, 2010 Posted in News

March 15th 2010: Mr. Granata’s client awarded primary custody March 23 2010: Mr. Granata’s client awarded more than Standard Possession from the custodial parent based on concerns by the Court...

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Texas Ranger’s Playoff Run Creates Uncertain Legal Future

October 28, 2010 Posted in News, Our Blog

Some legal levity. This author particularly likes footnotes 3 and 7 and it’s tempting to file an Amicus Brief on behalf of the Defendant’s denying the Motion given Lee’s performance last night.

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Mr. Granata’s client awarded primary custody

March 6, 2010 Posted in News

Primary custody awarded to Mr. Granata’s client who had not been in the child’s life for over four years. Mr. Granata was able to successfully show that changing the child’s primary domicile to...

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Ruling for no periodic child support for Mr. Granata’s client

March 5, 2010 Posted in News

Mr. Granata obtained a ruling from the Court, that based on the facts and circumstances of his client, that no periodic child support should be entered. The Court concurred with this position and...

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$3,500.00 Award in Attorney’s Fees

March 5, 2010 Posted in News

Mr. Granata obtained a judgment against the opposing party for non payment of child support in the amount of $3,500.00.

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No Finding of Contempt from Texas Attorney General Filing

January 15, 2010 Posted in News

Mr. Granata successfully negotiated an out of court settlement with the Texas Attorney General after they filed an enforcement against his client for failure to pay child support. The terms of the...

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After a full day Trial before the Court, Mr. Granata successfully lifts the supervision requirement for his client’s access with his children

January 13, 2010 Posted in News

After a full day divorce trial, Mr. Granata successfully obtained a favorable child support ruling that was three times less than the demand from the custodial parent. Mr. Granata also removed an...

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Successfully Negotiated a Finding of No Retroactive Child Support

January 6, 2010 Posted in News

The noncustodial parent (who resides in another state) was facing a back child support judgment potentially in excess of $30,000.00. Mr. Granata successfully negotiated an agreement with the custodial...

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Motion to Upwardly Adjust Child Support Granted and Request for Interim Attorney’s Fees

December 10, 2009 Posted in News

A mother who is the primary joint managing conservator of a young child was granted a significant upward adjustment to the father’s child support. The father and his attorney unsuccessfully argued...

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