Continued Pattern of Successful Results

October 28, 2010 Posted in News

March 15th 2010: Mr. Granata’s client awarded primary custody

March 23 2010: Mr. Granata’s client awarded more than Standard Possession from the custodial parent based on concerns by the Court about the custodial parent’s exaggerated claims about the non-custodial parent.

April 19th 2010: With the help of expert testimony via a cultural anthropologist that due to significant and long standing parental conflict between the parents that parental termination would be in the best interests of the child. Court agreed and approved the termination.

July 9th2010: Mr. Granata’s client awarded primary custody back after it was demonstrated to the Court that a 2 year joint physical custody arrangement with the other parent was not working. Court agreed and awarded Mr. Granata’s client primary custody.

August 4th 2010: Opposing party requested supervised visitation and reduced visitation for Mr. Granata’s client. Court denied the request.

August 5th2010: Mr. Granata successfully altered the opposing party’s visitation. The opposing party wanted to spontaneously begin visiting the children after having no visits for over a year. Court agreed and changed the noncustodial parent’s access from Standard Possession.

August 19th 2010: Mr. Granata’s client awarded multiple thousands of dollars in prepaid child support even though the other party (by agreement) has primary physical custody.

August 24th2010: Mr. Granata hired on as local counsel for multi-state custody and property litigation divorce.

September 19th2010: Mr. Granata successfully blocked two attempts to register and enforce an out of state custody order based on improper procedure by the other side.

October 1st 2010: Disabled father was awarded joint physical and legal custody of his two children plus receives child and spousal support.