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Tips for Negotiating and Paying Child Support in Dallas

August 31, 2020 Posted in Child Support

Negotiating and settling on a child support arrangement can be a contentious process, but it’s important to remember that child support comes down to what is best for your children. While you may...

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Ending Child Support Payments Requires a Legal Process in Texas

February 28, 2020 Posted in Child Support

Non-custodial parents often assume that they can simply stop paying child support as of a child's 18th birthday. Whether the age of majority qualifies as the reason to end child support or the terms...

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What You Need to Know About Modifying Child Support

February 28, 2019 Posted in Child Support, Child Support Modification

Let’s face it. Life’s circumstances can change. You can lose your job or become ill or have some other setback that makes paying your bills and meeting your legal obligations tough. But there is...

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Paternity Rights and Obligations: What Every Texas Father Needs to Know

February 14, 2019 Posted in Child Support, Paternity

Paternal rights and obligations in the Lone Star State are a matter of Texas law. And understanding those rights and obligations goes a long way in determining issues like whether or not you are on...

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How Long Can My Children Receive Child Support?

October 13, 2017 Posted in Child Support

When a divorce occurs, you have a lot of questions and concerns about the child support process. Many people do not know how long a duration their child will receive support, or how much or how little...

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Non-Payment of Child Support Does Not Justify Withholding of Visitation

September 21, 2016 Posted in Child Support

The final divorce decree serves as a type of contract whereby both parties are expected to abide by every condition without fail. All too often, however, either party attempts to break one or more...

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San Antonio Court of Appeals breaks from tradition on 102.003(a)(9) Standing

March 6, 2010 Posted in Child Custody, Child Support

For some reason I find these standing cases super interesting. The analysis almost always focuses on ‘what exactly makes you a parent’ is fascinating to me.

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