Texas Chief Justice Wallace B. Jefferson speaks at the American Inns of Court

January 15, 2010 Posted in Events

On January 14th 2010, the Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court spoke at the annual meeting of the American Inns of Court multi chapter joint meeting in Dallas, Texas. I have never had the pleasure of hearing the Chief Justice give a speech before and I found a remarkable similarity in the caliber and quality of his oratory ability that is not often seen. I had a chance to speak with the Chief Justice after his speech and informed him I thought his ability was very similar to United States President Barack Obama. President Obama, in my opinion, has the single best elocution skills I have ever witnessed. What was even more impressive was when he heard me compliment him, he said he hadn’t really prepared all that much for his speech. I’m glad to know that Texans everywhere are privileged to have a Chief Justice with such a high level of elocution skills. I am certainly proud to have him on the Supreme Court.