Important Winter Safety Tips

By Michael P. Granata March 4, 2010 Posted in Guest Blog

The following is a guest blog article by Dolan Law Offices:

Winter’s not quite over yet and for much of the country this season has been far from a winter wonderland.  In fact, the Associated Press is reporting that 49 out of the 50 states had snow during the month of February – Hawaii being the lone holdout.

While many of us long for the warmth of summer, it is important that we remain vigilant to the dangers that winter brings with it.  Until the spring flowers emerge, we should all remember the following winter safety tips to avoid serious personal injuries:

  • Slow Down: whether you are driving or walking – slow down. Speed is a common reason for accidents during the winter months when feet and tires can easily give way to slippery conditions.
  • Winterize Your Car: prepare your car for winter travel by having a mechanic check all of the fluids and making sure that you have the right tires on your car.  A properly winterized car can avoid help you avoid accidents.
  • Clean Ice and Snow from Your Vehicle: clean all of the ice and snow off of your car – including all of your windows and the hood, trunk and roof of your car.  If ice or snow slips off of your car while you’re driving and hits the windshield it can cause a serious accident.
  • Wear a Helmet for Outdoor Sports: a helmet can help avoid traumatic brain injuries when worn during winter sports such as skiing, ice skating and sledding.  Choose a helmet that fits you well and will protect you in a fall or collision.
  • Choose Safe Sledding and Skating Spots: Be careful where you choose to enjoy winter sports. If you are ice skating make sure that the ice is thoroughly frozen and safe for skating.  If you are sledding be careful to avoid trees, cars, and other people.
  • Be Careful with Your Snowblower: snowblowers cause serious injuries, including amputations, every year.  Never leave the machine running or put your hands near the chute.
  • Take Care of Your Property: sidewalks, walkways and driveways can become slippery with just a slight coating of snow, sleet or ice.  Be sure to promptly remove any accumulating snow and to properly sand and salt the paved (and concrete) areas of your property so that people do not slip and fall.

We hope that these tips help keep you safe – both from injury and potential liability.

This post by Dolan Law Offices, P.C. a firm of Illinois truck accident attorneys.