Taking Cues From the Holidays for Your Divorce

January 31, 2020 Posted in Divorce

In many respects, the holiday season is about perspective. From the specific holidays people recognize to how they choose to celebrate, the holiday season means many different things to different people.

For many, the holidays are also a time for reflection. This is particularly true for spouses who have been contemplating divorce. From making the final decision to separate to thinking about priorities during the divorce process, there are a number of ways that taking time to reflect during the holiday season can have a lasting effect for spouses who are thinking about bringing their marriage to an end.

If you are thinking about divorce this holiday season, our Dallas divorce lawyer shares the following five aspects of personal and family life for which the season may provide some additional perspective going into the divorce process:

1. Split Parenting Time vs. Co-Parenting

For parents with minor children, child custody and visitation (now more-commonly known as “parenting time”) will at some point take center stage during the divorce process. While many divorcing parents still choose to adopt traditional custody and visitation schedules, there are now several more-contemporary options that are available as well. All custody-related decisions must be made in the best interests of the children involved; but, parents still have a significant amount of say in how they will structure their parenting time once their divorce is final, and this includes the option to consider both split parenting and co-parenting arrangements.

How well are you and your spouse able to get along? What are your reasons for seeking a divorce? Are you each willing to set aside your differences for the sake of your children? Taking the time to consciously examine these questions during the holidays can provide valuable insights for making informed decisions during your divorce.

2. Financial Management

Do the holidays lead to financial stress? Are you able to manage your gift shopping budget effectively? While these are fairly isolated issues, for many people they can represent a microcosm of broader financial management concerns. In the context of contemplating a divorce, these types of questions can help inform decisions regarding efforts to secure spousal support and seeking employment post-divorce.

3. Emotional Attachments

In Texas, divorcing spouses must divide their community property according to what is “just and right.” While this is partly a function of calculating the overall value of the spouses’ marital estate and dividing assets accordingly, emotional attachment certainly plays a role as well. To which items do you find yourself most attached? If you got divorced, would you want to remain in your family home? If you file for divorce, these are questions you will need to answer.

4. Social Support

Following a divorce, former spouses and children both need social support. During the holidays, who is there for you? To whom do your children turn outside of your family? Having a support structure in place can be critical to coping with the challenges of adjusting to life after divorce, and the holidays can be a good time to reflect on who you can trust to be there no matter what.

5. Envisioning Life After Marriage

You know how the holidays look now. Can you envision them after your divorce? Painting a picture of what you hope for your life to be in the future can help you make strategic decisions during the divorce process.

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